What makes the Tesla Model 3 the UK’s Car of the Year 2019

Tesla Model 3 is great for company car users

At the moment, if you owned a Tesla Model 3, HMRC have a benefit-in-kind tax of 16%, this at the time of writing is the lowest rate available by the taxman in the UK. In the tax year 20/21 both new and existing Tesla cars will be liable for 0%! Yes, Zero!

Credit: Tesla.com

Live in Scotland and want an Interest Free Loan to buy a Tesla Model 3?

Yes you’ve read it right! If you live in Scotland, you can apply to Transport Scotland and they will fund up to £35,000 for purchases of a new plug-in electric vehicle for personal use. If you own a business, this is up to £120,000.

Upgradable Cars

Usually, you go to a dealer and purchase that expensive German brand, drive off the forecourt and apart from a few map updates to a Satellite Navigation system thats already causing you issues, thats it.

Charging the Tesla Model 3

This is where you get the majority of haters, when it comes to any EV cars, not just the Tesla Model 3. Charging! So last night, it took me 10 minutes to put 74 litres of fuel into my wife’s car, on that tank she has done close to 600 miles and its lasted 3 weeks.

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest cars on the road

We are currently really lucky that we currently run a car thats been awarded a high rating on the Euro NCAP safety tests, but the Tesla Model 3 has surpassed the marks. With Euro NCAP going as far as awarding 96% for its Adult Occupant score and 94% for its Safety Assist which covers the Tesla’s Lane Departure Avoidance, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance.

Low price of the Tesla Model 3

Ok, so the Tesla Model 3 isn’t in the reach of everyone at the moment, but with the Standard Range Plus model starting at £36,490 after the government grant, compared to its German equivalents, this car is a real bargain.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

For those who do want to splash out on their next Tesla Model 3, then they may opt for the Performance model! Not only does this give you a range of 329 miles and a top speed of 162 mph (where permit able) but it also gives you a 0–60 of 3.2 seconds, that is seriously quick.

The future is Electric Cars

Whilst many may disagree due to the poor infrastructure of the UK and lack of charging points, Electric cars look to be the future for a long while to come. Yes we’ve got Hydrogen cars on the road, but who wants to drive a mini-Zeppelin around the streets of London.

Conclusion of the Tesla Model 3 Car of The Year 2019

So I have covered a few points myself on why the Tesla Model 3 deserves Auto Express’ car of the year 2019, I myself cannot wait to get my hands on one and it will be a long time coming. Elon Musk has really made a dint in the automotive industry that we knew, and it was overdue.

What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model 3?

What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model 3 winning car of the year 2019 with Auto Express? Do you think it’s well deserved? Is there a car that they have missed? Let me know below in the comments.

Tesla Model 3 UK Referral Code

If you are looking to order a Tesla Model 3 and want to receive 1,000 supercharger miles, then please use my code below. I will also receive 1,000 miles by you using my code.

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