Top 3 ways to lease a car for 1 month

Rhys Adams
2 min readMay 20, 2020


It’s a difficult time for most people during this Government Lockdown due to the Coronavirus, and now the Politicians are telling you to go back to work but to avoid public transport, more and more people are turning to car hire.

But, the downside with car hire any longer than a week or two, is that it can become really expensive but there are other ways to hire/lease/rent a car for a month.

  1. Long Term Car Hire — These are called a number of different things in the industry and includes flexi-rental, flexi-hire, long term car rental, etc. You hire a car from 28 days plus at a much better rate than a daily rental agreement. You may need to provide your own insurance or a fleet policy but reasonable cars.
  2. Car Subscription — The ‘buzz’ word in the industry at the moment and a few companies are dropping this word due to the sign-in durations but these are a great way to run a vehicle and pause, upgrade or downgrade at anytime. New and used vehicles available and some great prices.
  3. Flexi-lease — There are a few companies out there who offer a 1 month car lease, either a fixed or extendable contract. Many of these vehicles are re-hires, where they have been out to a customer previously and brought back into stock after the customer wanted to return it due to the Covid-19 situation.

All of the above options have their pro’s and con’s and you need to make sure you read the small print of the contracts and adhere to the strict return conditions when it comes to damage.

On top of this, be sensible with your mileage. If you know your daily commute is 100 miles per day, don’t take the lowest mileage offering to get the best price as later on down the line you’ll get stung with the higher excess mileage charges that are levied on short term car leases.

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