Short Term Car Leases with No Credit Check?

Rhys Adams
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We get hundreds of customer searching for a short term car lease in the UK with no credit check. But is this a viable option and can you really obtain a car lease without having any credit checks at all?

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Short-Term Car Leasing is becoming extremely popular in the UK, alongside this debt and defaults is also on the increase, with traditional car leases harder to get when applying for a funding line.

Whilst there are many options that people can take, these can lead to paying higher interest rates and charges when it comes to trying to get yourself a set of wheels.

But is it really possible to get a car lease without a credit check? Well technically yes, but is it always the right thing to do? Those who don’t carry out the verification checks or credit checks, may not have the correct regulatory tick boxes checked, they may ask for a higher upfront fee and who knows what you could be driving.

At the very least, the car lease company should make sure that you’ve got the proper licences in place, that you live in the house you say you do and that you can afford the car lease in the first place.

There are hard and soft credit checks, the former will leave a mark that will affect your credit if you had multiples. The soft check, just leaves a marker to say that you’ve been looked at.

Non-Status Car Leasing

This is a term that I have touched on before on Medium. Non-status is a category that covers those that can’t really get credit in the traditional way. This could be down to being a new business start-up, coming in from overseas (Expat) or maybe you’ve got yourself into a bit of money trouble in the past, such as missed a few payments, got a CCJ or maybe your a discharged bankrupt.

Remember, the risk is always higher for the car lease company to take you on, so you will have to either payer a higher rental or a security deposit, but something like a short term car lease is a great way to get you off the ground and mobile.

There are many companies such as Cocoon Vehicles, Flexigo Cars and Short Term Car Leasing Ltd that can provide these non-status car leases, with their promise being that if you keep your account in order, when it comes to your next short term car lease, the terms will be set as a customer with satisfactory credit.

Remember, these companies want you to demonstrate that you will pay the bills, you can afford the short term car lease and that you won’t default. They also like to see stability within employment and residential status.

Reputable companies offering No Credit Checks?

I doubt these even exist, but you will find firms such as NCCL and Cocoon Vehicles Ltd offering you great terms as they underwrite the vehicles themselves, yes they still carry out credit checks but their main aim is to show affordability.

They of course, need to verify where you live and they also need to see that you won’t disappear. It’s really important top be upfront and honest with the car leasing company from the beginning.

They will be able to see if you have got CCJ’s, they can see the amount of credit checks you have had and what for, they will also be able to see previous addresses and if you really have got a mortgage on that property you’ve just put on your finance application.

Check Your Own Credit File

It’s a good idea to check your own credit file with a Credit Reference Agency (CFA) before you apply for any credit. These companies include Experian, Equifax and Transunion (formally Callcredit). There are also companies offering free credit check services, our favourite being CheckMyFile who offer a 30 day free trial. This option gives you a look at all of the CFA’s and what their scores are for you.

Once you have done this, you will then have an idea as to who you can apply for credit with. If your credit is low, then you may need to look at Non-status car leasing straight away, if you feel your score is good with Experian or Equifax, give the individual car lease firms a Google to see which CFA’s they actually use.

Don’t apply with too many, as this can have a detrimental affect on your credit score and extremely quickly. Don’t lie on your application, as this can also be passed between the CFA’s.

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