Charge your Tesla for Free

Credit: Rhys Adams

Tesla Referral Link

I have already written about what a Tesla referral code is and how it can benefit you, but if you have taken delivery of that shiny new Tesla Model 3, S or X, have you actually taken the time to share your code?

Cashback or Points Credit Cards

It’s not always possible to use a Tesla Supercharger when out and about, although the supercharger network is growing all of the time, the day might come where you are only a few miles out of breaking down completely and the only charge points are non-Tesla.

Octopus Energy

I was anti-changing our energy supplier for a long-time, especially after we moved house and we were tied into a contract with British Gas. But since moving to Octopus Energy it’s been an amazing experience.

Shopping Centre Charging

Although many shopping centres have been closed during the lockdown period, many have opened back up along with their charging stations.

Workplace Chargers

This can cause arguments in a few workplaces, I know some nurses who work at the Royal Derby who said that staff just leave their cars on the small amount of chargers all day, but as a business, chargers could prove a huge benefit.

Tesla Destination Chargers

When there isn’t a Tesla Supercharger near you, do not discount the Tesla Destination Network. Whilst they offer a slow charge, they are free and fully supported by the Tesla App.


As I find more ways of charging my Tesla for free, I will keep this page updated but if you have any ideas, please do drop it in the comments. And remember, this article is based on charging your EV for free in the UK and may differ, country to country.

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Rhys Adams

Rhys Adams

I live in a beautiful town called Belper on the edge of the Peak District with my wife Rebecca. I enjoy writing, photography and gadgets.