Best Car Subscription Services

Rhys Adams
4 min readMay 20, 2021


A Car Subscription is a great way to drive a car without physically owning it. In exchange for one monthly payment, a car subscription gives you access to a vehicle or even a full fleet of vehicles. Let me explain more…


Car Subscriptions Explained

Whilst a little more expensive than traditional car leasing, a car subscription provides you access to a vehicle for one monthly fee, they usually cover the essentials such as:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • Routine Services and Maintenance
  • 24hr breakdown assistance
  • Road Fund Licence
  • Manufacturers Warranty

Some of the car subscription services also offer you fully comprehensive insurance, some even go as far as bolting on extras such as electric charging (if taking an EV of course).

Credit Checks

All of the companies carry out checks that comply with Anti-money laundering and FCA guidelines, be wary of those companies that do not offer this and even those that are not registered with the FCA.

Most companies may ask you for the minimum requirements of your UK driving licence (at the correct address) and a utility bill to prove residence. Some may also ask you to supply bank statements to show affordability or connect to a service that works with the open banking platform that can access your personal or business bank accounts.

Best Car Subscription Services for 2021

So let’s have a look at the best car subscription services and see what the Pro’s and Con’s are of each supplier. We have written a disclaimer at the bottom of this article for transparency.


ONTO used to be called Evezy and they focus their car subscriptions around electric vehicles. Their monthly fee covers all of the essentials mentioned above with the bonus of including electric charging.

Pro’s of ONTO

  • Easy to set-up
  • Great costs
  • Low joining fee

Con’s of ONTO

  • App Based Key, didn’t always work
  • Choice of cars very limited
  • Waiting list for Tesla Model 3's


Operating since 2007 and well established in the car subscription marketplace, Cocoon vehicles has one of the largest range of cars (and commercial vehicles) currently. Monthly fee’s cover the essentials but insurance must be provided by the hirer.

Pro’s of Cocoon Vehicle’s

  • Family owned with great customer service
  • Fantastic range of cars
  • Lots of contract options

Con’s of Cocoon Vehicle’s

  • Delivery not included on vehicles less than 90 days
  • No used vehicles available
  • Only 1 key provided


Volvo owned and offering only Volvo, Care by Volvo is ideal for those who want… you guessed it… a Volvo! However, don’t knock it, the XC40, XC60 and the XC90 are fantastic cars!

Pro’s of Care by Volvo

  • Delivery to your door within 30 days
  • No long-term commitments
  • Option to add insurance

Con’s of Care by Volvo

  • 3 months notice required to terminate
  • Only offer Volvo vehicles
  • Quite costly compared to others

Other Car Subscription Companies

Until we’ve been able to drive and ride other car subscription services, please do keep checking back on this article, but in the meantime I will lease a list of websites to help you choose who to go to:

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People who know me, know I like to be upfront. So therefore, it is only fair to let you know that I own a car subscription company called Cocoon Vehicles. But I feel that competition is healthy.

I speak with many of our competitors on a regular basis and share information good and bad. I have only reviewed services that I have physically used and paid for personally, its the right thing to do.



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