5 reasons to take a BMW X5 on a short term car lease

The BMW X5 has always been a very popular car with many of our customers on both short term car lease and traditional contract hire. But now is a great time to really take advantage of the X5 on shorter car agreements.


The BMW X5 was introduced to the world in 1999 and it was the brands first steps into 4 wheel drive and the SUV market, and it really paid dividends for BMW.

We introduced the BMW X5 to our short term fleet in 2009 and as a competitor to the (at the time) very popular Range Rover Sport, many of our customers preferred the drive and reliability of the X5 model.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think that the BMW X5 is a great short term car lease deal at this moment in time…

1. Fantastic prices compared with long term

The BMW X5 has a really strong residual value and a £67k car is never cheap to finance but the price (as of May 2020) is excellent when compared with the same car on a 24 month contract.

At the moment, to lease a BMW X5 30d M Sport with Tech Pack which is a similar vehicle to the one we offer would cost £952.36 plus VAT per month on a 1+23 Profile Business Non-maintained Contract Hire with 18k per annum*

For not much more, you receive the same mileage and maintenance on a flexible contract, on offer is also a fixed option on 6 month car lease and a 12 month car lease.

Sounds like a real bargain to us!

2. Great winter car, great summer car

We have a lot of our short term car lease customers who love to take a BMW X5 over the winter period, swapping to something sportier for the summer months.

But we’re actually seeing more customers keep hold of their X5’s for the summer period as they are ideal for taking the kids into the countryside (although lockdown restrictions are in place currently) for a bike ride, throwing everything into the back.

On top of this many of the models come with tri-zone climate control and some of the cars (specification not guaranteed) come with a panoramic roof so you can really feel the sun on your head.

3. Flexibility where required

This is what Cocoon Vehicles is known for, flexible contracts. There are lots of short term car lease providers in the UK who offer fixed contracts, but we are pleased to offer the BMW X5 on fixed (6 & 12 month contracts), flexible car leases (28 days plus) or even the very popular car subscriptions.

You can literally take the car for 28 days and hand it back without any penalties on our flexi-lease agreements. Or you can keep the car up to 12 months without the issue of having to swap it on the supplier terms every 3–6 months with many of the hire firms who offer a similar product.**

This saves you having to change insurances over and unnecessary time out of your business to swap the car over.

4. Beats many of its competitors

In terms of price, reliability and desirability, the BMW X5 really is a strong competitor for many of the other brands.

Whilst we know that BMW’s aren’t for everyone, many of the customers who have taken the X5 as a temporary vehicle have been quite surprised by the vehicle.

In terms of similar vehicles from other manufacturers, the BMW X5 is similar in size to the Range Rover Sport, Mercedes GLE, Volvo XC90 (Brilliant car) and the Audi Q7.

5. What a car!

We’ve been selling you the benefits of short term leasing a BMW X5 but we haven’t touched on the car itself. To be honest, the brand and model sells itself every-time with only the Volvo XC90 coming close.

The car is a beautiful machine, great to look at with both smooth and sharp edges around the body. Since its recent update the lights at the rear give the car a slightly evil and mischievous look.

Inside the car is full of comfort and technology, the seats are firm and comfortable and even a 3–4 hour drive is a dream. The 7 seater version makes this car ideal for that growing family.

The ICE is excellent with BMW’s renowned iDrive system with DAB, Bluetooth and a comprehensive satellite navigation system. Optional Apple CarPlay can enhance the system but not really required.

BMW offers their ConnectedServices to keep track of the car with a few remote options to control the car and its security.

Get yourself down to a BMW showroom and see for yourself.


*Quote taken from Car Leasing Made Simple on the 11th May 2020 at 11:04am. Vehicle is based on BMW X5 30d M Sport with 7 Seats and Tech Pack.

**Supplier dependent. We have a supplier who will allow cars to remain on hire up to 12 months or longer without it being swapped, saving admin and insurance time/costs.

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