3 things you need to know when taking an Expat Car Lease in the UK

What is an Expat Car Lease?

With someone who has no credit history in the UK, its extremely difficult or expensive to get accepted for a traditional car lease deal, however, there are a handful of providers in the UK that will help you.

Rules on driving in the UK with a foreign licence

If you have a driving licence issued outside of the United Kingdom and you plan to work or live here for 12 months or more, then you really need to understand the rules.

Car Insurance for Expats

It can be difficult to find a company that offers both insurance for an Expat and for a lease vehicle, but you do have a few options.

Expat Car Leasing Prices

As we’ve already mentioned, if you haven’t got a credit score in the UK as you’re coming across from another country, traditional car leasing routes will not be available to you.

  • Proof that you have employment or income in the UK
  • Employer reference and copies of the contract
  • A UK Bank Account
  • Bank Statements for your home country bank account
  • Copy of driving licence
  • Proof of UK residency

Expat Car Leasing Companies

Here is a list of Expat Car Leasing companies that should be able to help you with your requirements:

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