12-month Car Lease Availability Increases at Cocoon Vehicles Ltd

12-month car lease availability increases

Our short-term car lease range has always been impressive and Covid-19 pre-lockdown our website was pushing 450 fixed short-term contract offers.

What is a 12-month car lease?

We currently offer 2 types of 12-month car lease, a flexible 12-month car lease which are not currently listed on our website and then we offer a fixed 12 month car lease, lets delve into the differences;

Fixed 12-month Car Leases

A fixed 12-month car lease is exactly that, a fixed period of time where you will lease a car from Cocoon Vehicles for 1 year. You aren’t able to extend the vehicle and you can’t send the car back without penalities.

Flexible 12-month car lease

A flexible 12 month car lease is a contract with an initial rental equivilent to 3 rentals and then 11 rentals that are payable by Direct Debit.

How many 12-month car leases are available?

As of today ( Thursday 16th July 2020) we have 59 fixed 12 month car leases available on our website. Our stock changes on a regular basis, so its really important to call the team on the contact details below to find if your preferred 12-month car lease is in-stock.

How do I apply for a 12-month car lease?

Its really easy to set up a credit line with Cocoon Vehicles for a short-term car lease, just click on APPLY ONLINE and complete the application form, it takes no longer than 5 minutes.

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